The company PBM Slovakia, s.r.o. was originated in 2010 in response to the needs of the market for the repair and maintenance of the vessel's machinery and governors. At its inception joined experience of several entities operating in the area, which constitute a guarantee of quality and professional service.

The main activity of our company is:

  • service and maintenance of vessel's machinery (diesel engines, gear-boxes, compressors ...)

  • maintenance and testing of Woodward governors, also other types of governors

  • service and maintenance of turbochargers

  • complete vessel's overhaul

Our workshop is situated right in the Bratislava┬┤s Shipyard which offers easy access for vessels to sail really close to us. Our team consists of experts with years of experiences in shipbuilding professionally trained by authorized partner. We offer you seriousness and high professionalism in finding the optimum way of solving problems.